Installation and Exploitation of the Measuring Station

Reflectors can be assembled stationary on anchors-bases or for the case of data hand removal, carried and assembled by a mine survey before the implementation of photographing of the measuring station. In addition, the equipment composition portable by a mine survey included a reference line, digital photo camera with high resolution, laser range-finder and stand with the installation system of «horizon». For the variant of automatic control after the measurements stations all of this equipment is replaced by the stationary automatic module assembled in the district of the measuring station.

The eventual point of data collection from all of the measurements stations is a calculable machine, set within the limits of surface production complex of a mine. In the task of this computing machinery is included conducting of final analysis of the got information. Depending on the level of realizationof this method this equipment can work in the interactive mode or real-time mode. The specific element of the measuring station equipment is a complex of anchor-base and reflector. A base is set as an ordinary steel-polymer anchor on the external end of which takes place knot of bayoneting lock. Exactly this knot is used for the reflector installation. A reflector is a steel bar on one end of which a bayoneting lock takes place, and on other – the light-reflecting element of small diameter witch is used for the receipt of light spot at photographing of the measuring station.

For the implementation of the received data measurements analysis the specially developed software is needed. The general structure of such programmatic complex consists of the followings elements: the first module is recognition on the image of technological elements of the measuring station (point reflectors, reference line, mark of the measuring station); the second module is a construction of current working contour from data of the measuring station elements recognition; the third module is an interpolation of change of working contour on the accessible data base; the fourth module is an analysis of applied support efficiency and selection of its parameters for the improvement of the working stability indexes.

Assembly of the measuring station elements is reduced to setting of anchors-bases in points of the working contour. These points are chosen in accordance with specifications what were advanced to the analysis of the working contour changes on the basis of the offered method in (Bondarenko 2006 & Bondarenko 2007). Then on the free ends of these anchors, with help of the bayoneting support, point reflectors are supported. Right after setting of anchors bases, is carried out photographing of the measuring station. Thus to one of reflectors is supported a ruler, which in the subsequent analysis of pictures will be used for matching the horizon and linear sizes, those were got at measuring.

During the first photographing of the set measuring station a choice and attachment in place of camera position is carried out in relation to the plane anchors location. The photo which was received as a result is accepted as standard and on his basis primary attachment of initial working section and point reflectors is carried out. The subsequent measurements are executed through the free or clearly specified interval of time. Basic features during conducting of measurements are: necessity in plane placing, the location of standard ruler anchors, and determination of camera exact position in relation to the plane of anchors location (this task decides through a laser range-finder).

Then it is possible to execute photographing of object from hands or special stand. The second variant is preferable as increase the quality of the received image and allows controlling the point of survey in space. At photographing the off-site illuminating or flash of camera can be used. In last case measuring quality a few higher, because light spots from reflectors will have more clear border, that at subsequent treatment of image will allow more precisely to define their positions in space.After completion of the measuring station exploitation, in case of stationary installation of point reflectors, their dismantling is performed in order to continue their usage at other measuring station. Anchor-base is the unique element of measuring station that cannot be repeatedly used, as a type of their installation is not foreseen by possibility of anchors extraction from a mining massif.

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